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This hatrack was designed to be taken apart for easy moving. Can be done with any animal shape or with a combination of animals....$59.00 Shipping $21.00

The hatrack on the left has a steerhead back with a 1/2 steerhead attached to hang the hats on....$16.00- Shipping $7.00 The hatrack on the right has a Texas backing with two steerhead halves to hang the hats on...$19.50- Shipping $8.00 Both are for wall hanging.
This lamp and hatrack combo can be made with a combination of many designs. It combines the use of a wall hanging hat rack an lamp as well as a decoritive piece. Price $125.00 Shipping $35.00

This circular wall hat rack(goathead silhouette) hangs on the wall and has 3 hooks to hang hats or coats on. Price $32.00 Shipping $10.00.

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